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Casting / Design / Manufacture

In order to obtain a truly “custom made” orthotic, a three-dimensional cast of your foot must be taken.  Precision Orthotics Pedorthic Clinic utilizes a variety of casting techniques, foam box, plaster, as well as wax.  Each technique serves its purpose; the specific technique that will be used for you will depend on a variety of factors.

Once the cast has been taken our Pedorthist will work in our on-site lab to both design and manufacture your orthotics. Based on the information obtained from the initial evaluation, our Pedorthist will then choose the length of the orthotic, the material to be used, and well as any modifications required.  Precision Orthotics takes pride in our attention to detail when preparing your cast for orthotic manufacture. Simply stated, you cannot expect a high-quality orthotic from a low-quality cast.  It is this attention to detail that lends to the comfort and effectiveness of our orthotics and continued compliance with our patients. 

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