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Shoe Fit / Footwear Modifications

Precision Orthotics Pedorthic Clinic carries a wide variety of orthotic friendly footwear, running shoes, sandals, casual dress, hiking shoes/boots, and winter boots.  Our Pedorthist will educate you on the fundamentals of a “proper fit.”  An improperly fit or inappropriate shoe is often the cause of many common foot concerns.  At Precision Orthotics our Pedorthist will work with you in selecting the most appropriate shoe. We will educate you on key characteristics that you need to be aware of when purchasing footwear.

Precision Orthotics Pedorthic Clinic modifies footwear.  With our on-site lab, our Pedorthist is able to complete all modifications at the clinic.  Footwear modifications can act on their own or in addition to orthotics.  Lifts for leg length discrepancies, metatarsal pads for metatarsalgia are only two of the endless number of modifications that our Pedorthist is able to provide you with. 

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