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There are two main types of custom made orthotics, corrective and accommodative. Upon completion of your initial assessment, our Pedorthist will design an

Properly fit orthopaedic footwear can aid in the prevention and alleviation of pain from many common ailments associated with the feet. Precision Orthotic

Precision Orthotics Pedorthic Clinic's Pedorthist is certified by Sigvaris to properly fit, measure and dispense both off the shelf (15-20mmHg) and medical

Precision Orthotics Pedorthic Clinic's Pedorthist is a Certified Rocktape Doc. Fascial movement taping of the lower limb is very successful in aiding in

Darco Plantar Fasciitis Sleeves apply compression via "Wave Technology" around the Plantar Fascia and Achilles Tendon.This allows for a "sustained stretch

Great Toe Splints help reduce pain associated with misalignment and boney abnormalities of the big toe (The splints help to off-load the 1st MTPJ).

Prefabricated/off-the-shelf orthotics

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